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Here at we are pleased to announce our "Trade-In Upgrade" option.  Lets say that two years have passed and you want to trade in your old pair of diamond studs that you have purchased from us, and you feel its time for a new pair.  Well here at, you can now trade in that old pair that you purchased from us and get a new pair.  


Here is how it works? 


Step 1: Download and fill out the Trade-In Upgrade Form Completely.


Step 2: Safely package your old items with a copy of the Upgrade Form completely filled out.


Step 3: Mail your package to:


            640 S. Hill St. Suite#641

            Los Angeles, CA  90041


It is very important that the Upgrade Form is in with your package you are sending to us.


Step 4: We will evaluate and appraise the value for the item depending on the diamonds condition and send you a confirmation.


Step 5: Once you have agreed to the terms of the evaluation, we will process your new order.


Terms and Conditions of the Trade-In Upgrade Policy


This Trade-In Upgrade Policy is guaranteed only on items purchased from us or traded for new items also purchased from us.  If the gold or metal is tarnished, or your just missing a backing, not to worry, we will still accept the trade in.  As long as the diamonds are undamaged and are the size and quality originally sold to you, you get the full Trade-In Credit. You will however, be responsible for shipping costs to us and back to you.  Labor and materials costs will be provided to you, free of charge.